Collectible Chess Sets from Around the World

If you’re a chess fan, you probably love to play the game on unique chess sets with interesting scenery. It brightens the game and gives a new outlook on plays as well.

There are many new (and old) chess sets available from around the world which make great collectibles as well as interesting games.

Below is a list of some of the most popular and unique or collectible chess sets and a brief description of each:

1. Civil War Chess Set

The Civil War Chess Set is probably one of the most remarkable and interesting chess sets that’s ever been “crafted”! With it’s civil war character pieces and colorful designs, playing a game of chess will never be the same. With most commemorative Civil War sets, the pieces are all hand-painted in delightful detail and color. Many people who don’t play chess purchase these just to put them on display and impress their friends. It’s quite a decorative piece of artwork.

2. Magnetic Travel Chess Set

Another unique, but handy chess set, the Magnetic Travel Chess Set has pieces which actually stick to the board through magnetic force. No more losing pieces while on the road. These pieces won’t make a “move” on their own for any reason! An extra bonus with many of these is the fact that the board has latches on the sides for easy carrying.

3. Collectible Chess Sets from India

Two of the most beautiful chess sets are hand-carved in India, and are called the Sanam (which means The Beloved) in India, and the Sundara (which means Beautiful) in India. Each of these lovely sets have very detailed pieces carved in unusual shapes and figures.

4. Connoisseur Chess Pieces

Fine pieces carved from either ebony or red sandalwood, these sets are among the most elegant in the world! The pieces are crafted with the smallest of detail and yet, are smooth to the touch. One of these will cost you a pretty penny though. This is a fabulous collector’s item.

5. Electronic Chess Sets

Created for those of us who live in the modern “computer” age of convenience, these sets are designed to play against you if you can’t find a worthy opponent for the day. Move over Nintendo, here comes electronic chess! You can even save a game, and play it later if you want. Who’d have thought it would come to this?

There are other unique styles around also, but these are some of the most popular. Whether collecting or just playing for fun, having an interesting chess set will definitely spruce up your games. By Candice Pardue.

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