Chess Piece Strategy

This section contains articles about how to use the various chess pieces.

  • Pawns – In chess play, Pawns are greatly undervalued at the beginner and intermediate level.
  • Knights – If your knight is in the center of the board, it has access to eight squares.
  • Rooks – If you know how to use your rook, it can be a very powerful chess piece.
  • King – You realize that the object of this inquisitive game is not only to come up with strategies, but ultimately to checkmate your opponent’s King.
  • Castling – Castling is an unusual chess tactic which enables the player to move two pieces at once.
  • How to Play the Chess Pieces – Thanks to several well-known chess enthusiasts like Bobby Fischer and Arnold Denker, the game has become increasingly popular among the young and old.
  • Chess for Beginners – The goal in chess is to checkmate your opponent’s King.
  • Chess for Beginners continued – Pawns move entirely differently than other pieces on the board.
  • Chess Strategy: Exchanging Pieces – One of the most important strategies in chess is knowing when and when not to exchange pieces.
  • Pawns and Their Related Terms – The pawns of a chess game are often referred to as the “front-line” soldiers which can be killed off easily.

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