Comprehensive list of chess sites

Well Regarded Sites



  • Chess – Information includes rules, tactics, clubs, software, and Internet play.
  • Alekhine Game Of The Week – A site dedicated to Alekhine’s Defense (1. e4 Nf6). Annotated games, game viewer, and message board.
  • Avler Chess – Featuring chess products, strategies, forums, and games.
  • Chess – Chess problems, studies and games. You may play chess against the computer and see the ratings of the top 100 chess players.
  • Chess Corner – Includes quotes, rules, tactics, chat, and Internet play.
  • The Chess Drum – The purpose of the site is to champion the success of black chess players around the world, to give a greater sense of community, and for sharing ideas and knowledge.
  • Chess Geek – Contains puzzles, books, PGN files, software reviews, news, and links.
  • Chess is Fun – Offers rules, openings, endgames, tactics, book reviews, and game archive.
  • Chess Poster – Problems, news, games, history, players, and rules.
  • The Chess Quiz – Features questions to test knowledge of game rules.
  • Chess Stories – Short stories related to chess.
  • Chess World – Contains online play, PGN files, news, and contest information.
  • – A thinking man’s contact sport. Offers articles and news.
  • – Online PGN chess game database with java viewers, and chat forums.
  • Chessnia – Files, online quizzes, a chess coach, links, and a forum.
  • Ed’s Ever-Growing Chess Page – Chess pictures, stories, tournaments, games and problems.
  • GilaChess Website – Contains forums, tournament news, games in PGN files, and links.
  • Just Chess – Good resource for chess improvement, free classified ads, challenges and grandmaster information.
  • MyChessSite – Information about gambits, email chess, Internet chess, chess sets and chess software.


Chess Chat







  • On The Origin Of Chess – A group of articles with a variety of views regarding the origin or chess.
  • Chesmayne – Raymon Reid’s history of chess
  • Chess Archeology – Includes photos and articles about chess and its history.
  • Chess History Center – Service center for serious chess historians, clearinghouse of research requests and index to web resources.
  • The Chess Network – Everything you need to know to play chess.
  • Chess Notes – There is no doubt that the most meticulous chess historian operating today is Edward Winter. This is a link to his column at Hanon Russell’s Chess Cafe.
  • ChessDryad – Devoted to the history of California chess. Includes thousands of games for download, articles, and photographs.
  • Chessmill – SE Wisconsin Chess History – The history section of a site devoted to chess in Wisconsin.
  • Goddess Chess – Classical chess history, exploring its multidimensionality and featuring prominent women in chess.
  • History Of Chess – Dr. Victor Keats is a bibliophile of Hebrew and other antiquarian chess books. Includes reviews, links, and purchase information.
  • Napoleon Chess Sets – Features pieces of historic battles.
  • Nebraska Chess History – A site devoted to the history of chess in Nebraska, going back to 1887.
  • OlimpBase – Information on the Chess Olympiads. Provides FAQs, player profiles, and game results.
  • Traditional Games – Dedicated to numerous traditional board games in the chess family.
  • US Chess History – Articles by the US Chess Hall of Fame about the history of chess in the United States.
  • World Chess Championship – World Chess Network has posted an article by former Chess Life editor Larry Parr on the history of the World Chess Championship


News and Media

  • Chess As A Sport – Campaign to get chess recognised as a sport in the UK. Includes mission statement, list of supporters, campaign history, and a petition.
  • Chess Life Online – News column covering events on the international chess scene as well as US chess federation news.
  • The Chess Oracle – International and UK chess news.
  • Chess Weekly – Newsletter including championship results, book reviews, and photographs.
  • Chess.FM – Online radio show decidated to current events in chess. Features play-on-demand.
  • Digital Chess Network – Computer chess news from all around the world. A guide on how to write your own chess program and a database with games, interviews, reviews, information on chess programs, and utilities.
  • Heco – The Scotsman – An almost daily chess column by John B. Henderson with viewable games online.
  • Net Chess News – Chess news, games, interviews and gossip. An online chess magazine covering the world of chess.
  • New in Chess – Links and news dealing with chess.
  • PaChess Magazine – Includes news, games, problems, poll, downloads and an email tournament.
  • The Week in Chess – News updates about chess.

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