Chess and Knights

If your knight is in the center of the board, it has access to eight squares. If it is at either side of the board, it has access to only four squares. Chess Masters have a saying, “A knight on the rim is dim.” It’s worth remembering.

If the knight is in the corner of the board, it has access to only two squares. Masters have a saying for this position as well. “A knight in the corner will make you a mourner.”

Knight forks are great fun. It is possible for the knight to attack two or more pieces simultaneously. When the knight attacks two pieces at once, it is called a “knight fork.” When a knight attacks more that two pieces at once is called a “family fork.”

Study these basic strategies on a chess board before you try them on an opponent. Once you can use them with skill, put them into action. Your opponent will be in for the surprise of his life. By Mary Alward.

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