Seven Chess Weapons Every Beginner Should Know

The game of chess consists of many small battles leading up to one final war where each player attempts to eliminate the other’s King. Below are some commonly used weapons which will help you to reach your goals during a game.

Chess Weapon Number One: Pin and Fork

The pin and fork move is accomplished when your pieces have pinned not only one, but two, of your opponent’s pieces, and you’re able to potentially attack both pieces. This is a clever strategy, but takes very close and thorough examination of the chessboard to recognize the opportunity when it arises.

Chess Weapon Number Two: Deflection

This is the method of deflecting (or turning away) an opponent’s defending piece for the King or Queen or another important chess piece.

For example, if your opponent’s Queen is defending the King, then you will make moves that would force the Queen to move from her defensive position, thus, leaving the King open for possible attack.

Chess Weapon Number Three: Skewer

The skewer, similar to the pin and fork method, can be applied when an opponent’s pieces are aligned with the most valuable piece being out front, such as a King in front of a Queen. When you force the King to move out of the way by putting him in check, then the Queen is open for an attack.

Chess Weapon Number Four: Discovered Attack and Check

The discovered attack can occur when one of your pieces is moved and uncovers your next move as an attack. One piece may be guarding another powerful piece such as a Queen, and suddenly the Queen is revealed with a direct advantage to attack your opponent’s piece.

When this strategy causes a check to your opponent’s King to occur, it is called a “discovered check”.

This method can be risky because it may backfire to your opponent’s advantage.

Chess Weapon Number Five: Checkmate Combinations

This is accomplished using more than one strategy to checkmate your opponent’s King. There are many different possible combinations, and each will be based on the location and power of your pieces that are attempting the attack.

Chess Weapon Number Six: Back Rank Mate

This is a more complicated strategy that normally involves several moves to keep the King in a trap. You’ll make a move to eliminate a main protector of the King, anticipating that the opponent will eliminate your piece immediately while the King remains in place. However, you already have a back-up plan where you’re able to eliminate the opponent’s new piece as well, and put you right back into a position to checkmate the King.

This move is often used against beginners because the strategy goes deep into several moves.

Keep in mind that your opponent may have several moves ahead planned in his mind. This can be to your advantage if you understand these tactics.

Chess Weapon Number Seven: Smothered Mate

A combination of moves that smothers the King into a checkmate. Using several strategies, you can force your opponent’s King into a position where he will have nowhere to go. In turn, you’ll move your piece to a checkmate position.

These are some of the most common and effective weapons implemented during the game of chess. There are other strategies you’ll learn along the way, however, knowing some of the most common weapons will give you an advantage. By Candice Pardue.

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