Your Guide to Chess Sets

Before you purchase a chess set, there is one question you need to ask yourself. Is this for play? Or is this for show? There are some chess sets that are just too valuable to play with. Also the pieces may look a bit too exotic for your average player to keep up with them.

First we will deal with chess sets that are just for show. With these types of sets it is best recommended you purchase the highest quality set for your budget. Keep in mind you can play with a chess set like this; however it is recommended you purchase a separate, less expensive set for that purpose. There are 2 choices when it comes to your set, the theme and the material.

The theme is what the pieces will represent. For example if you go with a medieval theme. The King piece may resemble a 16th century medieval King. The pawns may resemble squires, Bishops may resemble medieval priests. However if you go with an Egyptian Theme, the King may resemble a Pharaoh. . In a Greek theme the king would be Zeus, the pawns would be mortal men. You get the idea. If you’re into football, but like to play chess in your free time, they have Sports themed chess sets. So now you can put a chess set in your game room, and still keeps it looking manly. Many stores also have chess sets based on your favorite shows or movies. This makes chess sets an excellent gift. Get a “South Park” chess set for the jokester, and a Brass Medieval chess set for your father. This decision is completely about what you feel will look better in your house or the house of who you’re buying the set for.

Now next is the material. When deciding the type of material you have to take a few things into consideration. Does the material go with the theme? For example a hand carved wooden material is best for an African Themed Chess set. Most of the time stores will automatically match up themes with materials. If you’re going for a rustic look, Brass sets are great. Matched with a Medieval Theme they make a room look very antique. However if your room is more modern then you may prefer a Glass Chess set. There are many glass choices from frosted to clear to some that have a shattered appearance. However if you are just looking for a nice set to go into your study or room similar to that, then a Wooden Hand carved material look would fit that room nicely. Marble chess sets are good for almost any room. They look modern but at the same time they are fancy enough to be put next to gold silverware or statues. Marble is also the one of the most durable materials, so it will be less likely to break than glass. There are many choices. Pick the one that best suits the room you’re going to put the set in.

Now looks are good, but when it comes to playing chess you should approach chess sets a little differently. There are different sets for different situations. When you are buying a set like this you should buy a good quality chess set, but don’t pay anything you wouldn’t mind giving away. With care a chess set can last a lifetime, but if you play frequently then you know things happen. If you knock over a $2,000 rare custom made glass rook, you’re going to have problems. Also special themes should be avoided. You never know who you may play against. If the person is new to chess they may forget what piece represents what and make mistakes. Even experienced players do this sometimes when playing with themed sets. So for playing purposes, stick with the basics. Or if you have to get a themed set, don’t make it to exotic.

For children a basic wooden chess set is great for helping them learn. If you’re going on a trip, a small magnetic chess set can keep them occupied, if they have someone to play with, and also can keep them from losing the pieces. As they get older and can better take care of things, a nice marble chess set should last them until there adult years. For school functions a Vinyl chess board is good. It is inexpensive, and can take the inevitable abuse it will go through. Vinyl chess boards are also recommended for picnics and other outdoor functions.

For your hardcore chess players, an electronic chess set is an excellent set to have. It allows you to play chess against the computer. You can adjust the difficulty for beginners, and even your more advanced chess players will find it very difficult to beat a computer chess set. Some also have tutorials so this can be a good gift for children as well. If you wish to challenge yourself, no matter what your skill level, then this can be a good choice for yourself personally.

If you’re buying a set for someone who is elderly, or has problems seeing, they have jumbo chess sets with detailed and larger pieces. They even make chess sets that are for blind people. Being disabled is no excuse not to challenge your mind to a game of chess.

When choosing a chess set the decision is ultimately up to you. Choose one that fits your lifestyle and taste. B: Stephen Warnell.

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